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Jadwiga Sliwa lives in Bobowa, a small, beautiful village in southern Poland about 70 miles south east of Krakow. Bobowa is famous throughout Poland for the quality of its bobbin lace and needlework. These traditional crafts have made Bobowa famous for the last 100 years. Jawiga has been a teacher of needlework for nearly 30 years, samples of her recent work can be seen on this web site, and she is now able to offer her teaching skills, and produce, to the wider world.

You are invited to come to Bobowa where you will stay in homely accommodation and be taught the intricate skills of needlework and lace work by Jawiga. This is a unique opportunity to visit Poland, meet its people, and learn a craft skill from an expert in her field.

Jadwiga is learning English, helped by her children, and, though it may take a short while, will be pleased to answer any enquiries. Jadwiga’s email address can be found on the contact page.